The Liberal Manjan!



Liberal Fiqh (Arabic: فقه‎ [fiqh]) (or Fiqh al-Liberali) is liberal being Yo-to-Yo jurisprudence, a combination of reformists who are full of misinterpretation, manipulation and contradiction of the Sharia expounded in the Quran.

Fiqh normally deals with “the observance of rituals, morals and social legislation in Islam”, but Fiqh al-Liberali is antagonistic to Islamic rituals, morals and social legislation. It is peddled under the garb of ‘True Islam’, ‘Secular Islam’, ‘Liberal Islam’ or ‘Humanitarian Islam’ – all of which are part of the agenda.

Unlike the other six prominent schools of fiqh within Sunni (four) and Shia (two) practices, Fiqh al-Liberali only has a solitary school. This is owing to the fact that the al-Liberali Fuqaha have founded their only madh’hab through opposing all kinds of consensus. There is consensus among al-Liberali Fuqaha that there should be no consensus.

Who is an al-Liberali Muslim?

The Holy Quran has given clear instructions on almost every issue, but on other issues al-Liberali Muslims are of the opinion that the Quran alone does not suffice in making things clear, hence there should be amendments. So basically what an al-Liberali Muslim does is that they form their own opinion on how things should be and they propagate it as being a part of their religion, and hence being the word of Islam. And this practice isn’t restricted to the topics that the Quran doesn’t address; an al-Liberali Muslim takes pride in contradicting the core teachings of Islam, only to propagate the contradiction as ‘True Islam’.

So basically any person who opposes or propagates Islamic Jurisdiction’s message, all under the pretence of reformism, whilst also advocating for keeping religion at bay from Politics, is an al-Liberali Muslim.

Who can become an al-Liberali Faqih?

The best thing about Fiqh al-Liberali is that anyone can pretend to be a Faqih, and anyone can give ‘liberal’ fatwas. Since one would be portraying oneself as a reformist, one can take the liberty of using whatever the hell they believe to be the code of conduct as being an integral part of Islamic jurisprudence. Everyone who believes that propagating one’s ideals oneself is too much of a hassle can easily become an al-Liberal Faqih by claiming that their personal ideas are actually Islamic principles – that happen to be the undisputed and unalterable word of the deity.

But then again, how do they want to achieve that? By keeping Religion as a Personal issue and at bay from Politics.

What are liberal Fatwas?

Think of liberal Fatwas as regular Fatwas only that you don’t need any qualification to conjure them. By giving liberal Fatwas an al-Liberali Muslim basically declares his own viewpoint as the only ‘enlightened’ point of view and by depicting absolute intolerance to any opposing ideas al-Liberali Muslims depict fundamentalism and extremism that the “Islamic extremists” would envy.

How does Fiqh al-Liberali differ from other forms of Fiqh?

It’s common for different Islamic schools of thought to disagree on various issues, but the followers of Fiqh al-Liberali can oppose anything and everything that other Islamic schools teach, with the only qualification needed for doing so being: a different personal point of view, a ticket at Lahore Literature Festival, appeasing Indian lobby, calling every adversary a ‘Yahoodi Sazish’ to make their dissent a tad more obnoxiously satirical for comic relief, Playing candles with vigils against a Mullah Aziz, who could have never perched the glory he did post these vigils. Oh and WAIT! Guess what, Jibby Nasir – The Nelson Mandela of Al-liberali was quick enough to put up a showstopper orchestra of a FIR against Mullah Aziz before booking himself a First Class ticket to the USA. Al-Liberali Fuqaha basically oppose anything that Islam teaches or the one’s that they find convenient to practice, with the liberty to ‘unfollow’ anything that they find too hard to practice. And the aforementioned ‘liberty’ forms an integral part of Fiqh al-Liberali’s liberalism.

Like for instance it is common for al-Liberali Muslims to not pray, not fast, not perform the Hajj, not give Zakat, to drink, to be proponents of secularism, humanism, spiritualism and feminism and to be against Jihad. None of which is compatible with ‘conventional’ fundamentals of Secularism which advocates for freedom to do anything irrespective of the thematics you determine.

Illusions of History

Al-Liberali Muslims typically appear to be delusional about Islamic history, and this can either be a deliberate ploy on their part or could be down to sheer ignorance. While declaring secularism to be compatible with Islam and the Medina State as the personification of religious tolerance, they conveniently ignore Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kashmir, Libya, Lebanon & Turkey to be the latest recipient of the Bloodbath perpetuated by NATO crusaders & shared apathetically unabated at UN

The art of cherry-picking

Cherry picking is the sole pillar on which the entire superstructure of al-Liberali Islam stands. If there’s an ahadith that suits best your liberal agenda, you can simply say that it is the most authentic piece of narration. If there’s a Quranic verse that you want to oppose you can either use its incorrect translations or merely suggest that the commandment was predated and copied by the Last Prophet from the ancient masterpiece penned down by a Jewish historian some 20 millions years back; even though this is nothing but your personal point of view. Everything depends on the Liberal Faqih’s personal likes and dislikes.

Threat of Fiqh al-Liberali

Even though flag-bearers of liberalism never come with a ‘Warning: dangerous’ tag, the threat of al-Liberali Muslims is prodigiously more than Salafi or Wahabi Muslims. While the al-Liberali Muslims might not self-explode obsessing Muslims to the lure of virgins, and might not take up arms to fight the non-believers, their arsenal is as perilous as of any Islamic militant group.

Al-Liberali Muslims use weapons as menacing as fabrication, convenient misinterpretation, lies and deceit to propagate their own ideals under the pretense of Islam. While some of these endeavours are well-intentioned, these heretics would be better advised to take the Religious route. For, it doesn’t take rocket science or a comprehensive study of 1400 years’ worth of literature to realise that it makes little sense to try and mould divine ideals to make them seem compatible with yours.


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