Who’s pooling for my Jalapeno?

Returning back after a long pause midst the hang of things, I wish I’d left at the mercy of luck but the nag on the hinges of my brain up there couldn’t hold the tempest of indulgence that I find in being a dumbfuck with words I choose to write, for long. So here I am, and finding the essence of returning to be quite like the semblance of pouring a viscous, black color coffee with a small, soon fading head.

Writing on wordpress’s…Gosh, quite similar to more like making the aromas getting a hot bourbon burn to your coffee, wrapped up into slightly bitter, with lots of bakers chocolate, molasses and toffee.While the coffee acts outstandingly well with the wooden, vanilla accentuated, hot bourbon, blending flawlessly into the rich. Nontheless, the Bourbon ( Which I imply here for the writer, who’s none else but me) stands out on itself quite well and is even more noteable than the coffee 😉

Before I sprint towards my rant, I just possibly couldn’t do so without sharing a poem written by a very dear friend – Haunt!

This is how it’ll always be – wretched, panicked, ignored. it’ll always be unceasing and seamless; pointed tongues and whispers that choke every inch out of me one by one, unforgiving and slow.

there’s no mercy, no solace, no respite.

it’s everything and all at once, and that’s exactly how it’ll forever be. there’s no coming back, no figuring it out, no taking your time and accepting realities not constructed by one’s own self – anomie, anomie, anomie.

there’s no center, and there’s no ‘you’

Lest I forget to quote another friend’s brilliantly penned down poem about more or less a tangent pertinent to sisyphus, (I am God and I blaspheme) which on the abstract, reminds me of questioning the whereabouts of Mr. Awais aftab! Khair, the poem:

prayers in doubt
rev it up baby
see you, see yourself
my escape explains
you is it!
present tense, a past, in future

Now here’s the dichotomy, albeit I agree with my friend on the latter about the uncertainty of quantum absence and the need of finding something which appears as a very rigid conceptual perception, forced-fed among our minds of us Muslims by our parents, yet to begin with, the unitarian focal point of this subject chooses to market itself as the “faith” for those who are totally ambivalent about whether or not intelligent people should have any faith, and playing the old “we’re not led by creed or doctrine” bit, which is getting SO TIRED. How many 21st century religious individuals mindlessly obey their religious tradition’s doctrines in the first place? Hello, post-modernist angst about the validity of religious institutions and broad eclecticism in personal spiritual practice: not just for unchurched seekers anymore! WHEN will the UUA stop marketing trumpeting unique aspects of our tradition that are incredibly un-unique?

It’s the old definition-by-negation business again, and it assumes that we have no doctrinal, dogmatic attitudes or creedal practices or individuals among us, which of COURSE we do. Just look at how we treat the precious Seven Principles, which have been lifted to quasi-creedal status by many serious Unitarian universalists (and maybe that’s not such a bad thing). Ech. More terminal uniqueness. Quippy, cutesy crap. Clever wordplay instead of a warm and loving invitation to find us and worship with us.

It would be so much less offensive if Unitarian Universalists weren’t notoriously uncomfortable with the mere notion of prayer and famous for using a long, comma-separated series of euphemisms to introduce That Portion of the Sunday Service During Which We Come Into the Place of Honesty, Or Join Our Spirits In Openness and Compassion, Or Meditate, Or Muse Or Think Good Thoughts Or Even Perhaps Join In (The Spirit Of) Prayer (Because You Musn’t Say ‘Let Us Pray’ For Fear Of Being Run Out Of Town After Coffee Hour, That Is, If You Make It Alive To Coffee Hour).

I’m sick and bloody tired of insulting religious clergies whose religious traditions are creedal and doctrinal and who often manage, nevertheless, to have wonderful ministries, whose communities are welcoming and even rebelliously so (how many of you know of renegade Catholic, Episcopal, Presby or Lutheran individuals or parishes that openly welcome and advocate for the g/b/l/t community, for example? I thought so…), and whose life together is a thing of beauty that draws more seekers to find, and stay with them, every year. Those doctrinal, creedal congregations are not necessarily any more dysfunctional or even close-minded than our own non-creedal, non-doctrinal ones. We must stop advertising these aspects of our tradition as if they confer upon us some magical ability to love, to minister, and to support an individual or a family’s search for truth and meaning. They do not.

All right. Rant over. I have a sermon to finish. I’ll leave the rest of the rant or the BangBack to you, my friends.

* quote by George Odell


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