Why I want it to be Kaptaan

Pakistan is in a desperate need of a stout and sterling leadership that believes in self-flagellation; a leadership that does not consist of cronies, puppets and rubber stamps of the foreign masters who have always used Pakistan for their own pound of flesh.  It should not be a leadership that is driven by clannish, tribal, regional, or racial persuasions. It should be imbued with an undying spirit of sacrifice and dedication to serve the people.

From the dawn of independence, two indispensable features have all along been lacking in the political landscape of Pakistan. One is selfless, motivated and patriotic leadership. The other is the institution building but unfortunately the country had fallen prey to the vandals of worst pedigree. It has been wantonly and relentlessly pillaged financially and crippled institutionally, by self-perpetuating people and rapacious groups that had scant concern or interest in its welfare, stability and its evolution as a modern nation state. It has remained lorded-over by monarchical bureaucrats, ravenous feudal classes, insidious dwarf politicians, hypocritical religionists and murderous mafias that kept exacting their pound of flesh throughout.  There has always been severe and acute famine of leaders with nobility of character and sublimity of spirit to serve this county for its greatness and glory.

A common, prevailing perception is that the incumbent dispensation at the helm in Pakistan is not only manifestly incompetent but also a conglomeration of incorrigibly and defiantly corrupts individuals. There is trenchant belief that these ruling charlatans rob not under the cover of darkness but in broad day light with audacity and then boast of committing such loathsome bravadoes.

The country is in a shambles, the national honor is in tatters, the morale, and hopes of the people are at their lowest ebb and are completely depleted. There is no real democracy in Pakistan it is a sham democracy sans accountability. It is the plutocracy that was there all the time with brief interregnums. The system of any government is measured and judged by its performance. Democracy can function for the benefit of the people only if not hijacked by feudal lords, elitists or aristocratic classes, and influential pressure groups. It must remain exposed to the strict accountability than is sine- qua- non for the veritable democracy to function in the best interests of the masses and the country but a bunch of hardened self-seekers, convicts of money laundered are ruthlessly debilitating Pakistan economically, politically and socially. Pakistan has never been under the tutelage of a coterie of rulers who were totally alienated from the people or unmindful of the million miseries that their masses are suffering from. The deviousness, the falsification, the duplicity, the inaction, and the criminal complacency to address the monumental problems both internal and external are the guidelines of the incumbent government. People are enormously dismayed.

Let us content ourselves by paralleling it with the euphemism of the scriptural “Doomsday” when the whole humanity would be running helter and skelter in a complete state of frenzy and in a climate that would be unbearably hot because the Sun, according to dogma, “would be as close to the earth as the length of a lance.” So the panicked, frantic, devil stricken people of Pakistan are raking, agitating, rallying, clamoring, blockading, protesting and finally finding nowhere to go. These crazy segments of humanity are outraged against damning spells of power shut downs, technically termed as load shedding, as if the electric power is in excess and its overload is being off-loaded. The callous indifference shown by the hypocritical, liars, thieves, inside traders, money grabbers, sitting in high offices at public expense, of the miseries of the grief stricken Pakistanis, is devastating and mind boggling. One is reminded of the storming of the Bastille prison a symbol of royal tyranny, on 14th July 1789. This momentous event turned out to be the flashpoint for the French Revolution, and it subsequently became an icon of the French Republic. Thereafter, fired with the spirit of liberty and change the ordinary citizens of Paris attacked the elitist classes, the wealthy landlords and members of aristocracy paving way for the blissful French Revolution.

We all know Pakistan is in deep quagmire. Yet I believe Pakistan will come out of its daunting challenges with flying colors. Since its inception, Pakistan has witnessed and gone through several conceivable trials and tribulations because of both internal and external factors. Barring the cataclysm of the cessation of East Pakistan in 1971 that truncated Pakistan into two parts, the rest of the problems were of similar import as encountered by nascent nations.

Pakistan’s strength lies in the patriotism of its people, its untapped natural resources, its hardworking manpower, its fertile and vast land, its strong armed forces, resilience of its people to overcome one crisis after another and undying will to survive against odds. I cannot side with the skeptics and dooms day despondents who claim Pakistan was moving towards disintegration and collapse. Such people are either enemies of Pakistan or paranoid. Or else they do not have the intention to wish well for Pakistan. Only in situation like these there’s one man who made us BELIEVE that there lies Hope beyond our miseries. His name is Imran Khan for he is who we desperately need as the country plummets into chaos churned by a fractured economy & sectarian strife et al.

There is no dearth of pious platitudes and rosary plans formulated and doled out by the best and the most fertile minds that if implemented would make the earth a much better place to live. But what matters is that there must be someone who can actually show these plans and projections the light of the day. With the kind of impediments with which the political landscape of Pakistan is strewn, despite the ugliest of intentions status quo has had, Imran khan promises to bring about the change that we all have ever aimed at and perhaps that’s WHY I WANT IT TO BE KAPTAAN! 

Published at Pakisan Tehreek e Insaf’s official website: https://insaf.pk/Media/InsafBlog/tabid/168/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/11039/Why-I-Want-It-to-Be-Kaptaan–By-Mr-Zain-Umar.aspx


3 thoughts on “Why I want it to be Kaptaan

  1. Well written!! 🙂 IK deserves a chance to prove himself!! He does not have any corruption record n nor he needs money for himself..he wants to work for country,Jus pray his team shld be as honest n patriotic like him..as good team V imp!!

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