Yes he Khan, Thus He Can


Pakistan – A Seduction for a perfect and ideal harmony between its four seasons, the splendor of its glaciers, the grandeur of its tallest peaks the charm of its serene valleys sparkling with azure emerald like water; its captivating mountains, its vast mysterious deserts. It is a gateway to Central Asia, opens on the Persian Gulf and Asia Minor, and sits atop the most precious outlet for the Arab and Iranian oil. It distinguishes itself as a phenomenal abode of the most ancient civilization known as Indus Valley Civilization. The diversity of cultures, languages, customs and traditions and folk lore, races and complexions give it a wondrous mosaic profile.

The portrait depicted above does not end here yet the turbulence it is encompassed with has yet to kick off. In the wake of escalating violence and unrelenting inflation that are brutally rampaging Pakistan, the country’s future and destiny seems to be murky and bleak, today it is in a state of drastic decline and moving fast down the hill. The state of Pakistan is withering at an alarming rate and its fabric being torn asunder. Its very existence as a geographical mass of land is exposed to fragmentation. I am not exaggerating nor am I a prophet of doom. I am simply warning the average citizens of the impending hell that would engulf a country that otherwise can be a paradise for its picturesque natural beauty, its untapped inestimable deposits and its precious human resource.

The leaders at the helm, the parliamentarians, the army generals, the senior bureaucrats and the individuals in powerful positions ignore the woes of the people and busy themselves in nepotism, cronyism, milking the nation exchequer, granting contracts to the highest bribe givers, raising their allowances and manipulating hefty development funds.Perpetuation in self aggrandizement, safeguarding clannish interests and monetary enrichment through fair and fouls means, remain their driving penchants.They lack vision and insight and in contrast possess abundant obsession for power and boundless lust and irresistible appetite for money and self-enrichment. The press and judiciary are free but such a freedom is meaningless unless the government believes in accountability and right behavior and has respect for the judicial verdicts.These seasonal birds, predators of national honor and agents of worsening status quo, would hang around befooling the people in the name of a certain ideology or deceased zealot or divine retributions. They would vanish when the tide turns against them and Pakistan become utterly unmanageable. These are indeed the worst times and the darkest days for Pakistan. The leaders and parliamentarians are not servants but enemies of the country and hastening the demise of Pakistan as a sovereign, independent and viable country.The leadership that we have is not worth a stack of chaff. A country ablaze with leaping fires of violence, with shameful and futile proxy wars being fought by its armed forces on its own territory, with the contagious curse of sectarian, ethnic and regional bad blood spilled all over; the hope for a better future is dimming fast.Well all the maladies, challenges and the monstrous damnations that Pakistan is suffering from are known to even a child sleeping in a suffocating hut without electricity. As such the hyperbolic slogans and the bloated manifestoes of the parties for transforming Pakistan into a stable, viable, strong and sovereign state with a modern and thriving society have remained unfulfilled. Deplorably, the ground situation has remained without any change except for the worse. Pakistan today literally looks like a lunatic asylum where people are losing their sense of proportion, undergoing nervous breakdowns and sapped of any hope of a good time that is getting elusive by every hour and every day

Is there is way-out for revival of Pakistan? This is a moot question that reverberates in the entire length and breadth of Pakistan. Can Pakistan survive under the ongoing stifling conditions and in a social milieu that is frightening? Can it successfully tackle the utter lack of basic facilities and ugly civic order and provide a decent living to its people? Can Pakistan disentangle itself from the thorny international commitments that serve no purpose except its disintegration and that are cutting across its viability? Can Pakistan be cast into an abiding democratic framework with free and untainted electoral system? Can Pakistan shed its abominable curse of feudal, priestly, parasitic, papal and mystic, exploiting and comprador classes? Can Pakistan hammer out a truly federal system by which the populations of all the regions get their equal status and rights by creating more provinces with less lordship from the center? Can the country be salvaged from the morass of degeneration, it is sinking into? And so on.

History is made and nations are built by the individuals with extraordinary traits. Some of these qualities are unflinching courage, bounteous talent, sagacity, genius, blotless character and the ability to take right decisions in face of stupendous crises. In Turkey’s context; it was Rajab Tayyab Erdogan reinventing Turkey to conform it to the imperatives of the present day world with Islamic identity.  In Pakistan’s context; After 65 years the pendulum is swinging towards the other side from where we can anticipate an another Tayyab erdogan in the making, Yes I vehemently point towards IMRAN KHAN, both these heroes represent two ends of the fulcrum but essentially serve the same glorious purpose of turning their country into a modern state. A reincarnated and rather rejuvenated Mr. Khan who has, in the recent past, made giant strides in the realm of politics in Pakistan throwing up wonders one after another. One such wonder was the mammoth crowd at the Minar–e-Pakistan Lahore & at the Karachi Maizar-e-Quaid followed by countless others having resemblance in the amount of crowd that appear to gather before his sermon

Imran Khan being a relatively fresh entrant in political arena, with a clean reputation is decidedly appealing to the masses that throng to his party’s rallies and public meetings in large numbers. He offers hopes for setting right the mess and chaos that have caved into the foundations of Pakistan. He vehemently talks of changing the loathsome status quo which means shaking the society upside down not in the physical sense but in cultural, economic and political connotations. And that is what is squarely needed in Pakistan. He is determined to launch a merciless crusade upon the self-serving, greedy and exploitative, privileged classes whose one ugly face is the centuries old feudalism and the so called abominable elitism or aristocracy. He aims at upholding the supremacy of law, the writ of the state and the dignity for the denizens of Pakistan. He diligently aims at the refashioning of Pakistan ‘s foreign policy with hallmarks of dignity , territorial integrity, independence as well as self reliance in economy are the cornerstones of the agenda that Imran Khan has variously reiterated in his speeches and in front of the media.

The people, on the whole are, disgruntled with the traditional lot of politicians that have been tried several times before, and who despite their tall pledges for betterment, protect and nurse the ruinous status quo when in power.  He spells out his programs for changing the nauseating status quo in Pakistan with exceptional candor, absolute conviction and amazing cool. He is not fuzzy any more nor ambivalent about grave issues and monumental challenges that one witnesses on the unpredictable political chess-board of Pakistan. It would be an unnecessary refrain and futile repetition to enumerate the limitless sufferings of the hapless people of Pakistan ranging from a dirty, primitive, degrading environment to denial or shortage of basic utilities and social services that make a society modern and progressive.

There is no dearth of pious platitudes and rosary plans formulated and doled out by the best and the most fertile minds that if implemented would make the earth a much better place to live. But what matters is that there must be someone who can actually show these plans and projections the light of the day. The sincerity and earnestness which drips from Kaptaan’s every motion, word and utterance hint a salubrious change in the sterile socio-political landscape of Pakistan. So in such a persistently bleak and hope-drained milieu, when a ray of hope appears on the horizon, the people welcome it readily, or perhaps THEY ALREADY HAVE!

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One thought on “Yes he Khan, Thus He Can

  1. That has to be the most clear cut argument for why we need IK as our leader !
    P.s. I really admire your writing skill !

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