The fluttering Metaphor of Guns & Roses

At first glance our elite have claimed democracy for themselves and as they fashion the term in which ever way that gains them votes “democracy is the best revenge“, they perpetuate the status-quo. The constitution seems to only apply or not apply during military rule, in those parts which prolongs their period of rule. The privileges, nay rights of the individual are forgotten by those in power, the military, bureaucrats, politicians, industrialists; as they stand on a pedestal of the down trodden.The institutions that our elite associate themselves with (military, bureaucracy, media, and judiciary) help settle personal scores amongst members of the upper echelons of power – from criticizing the state to subverting the constitution  to showering favours on those they deem worthy.

Allow me to mention a very preliminary and a very arbitrary creed in its clandestine inception. These may not be in order of priority, nor indeed is it the most important. This is just one of a thousand. Trivial as they may sound to some, what is important is that has now become the state’s Achilles heel.

MEDIA: The anathemic occupation of Liberals in Politics;

Adding salt to injury I now herald another clandestinely operating nemesis, a new spectrum of extremism in Pakistan, the manifestation of liberal predicament or Fascists paradigm or to put in more elaborate term renaissance of an occulted species dangerously delusional in a country where the revolution hungry youth is in a sempiternal struggle for its supremacy against its odious corrupt leaders. This infectious flock of fascists mainly grapevine on twitter indefatigably working on sabotaging the melancholically depressed youth in legitimising liberal exclusivism aimed at emboldening them to have their heads in respect humbly bowed down Secularism and dissent through the imposition of a prescribed allegiance – its audacity, the foreknowledge it implies, the precision with which it is executed — carries a subliminal message: Religion is no longer a solution, secularism is; it is now emphatically the only possible remedy to vanquish our weaknesses.

You’ve read how Facebook and Twitter fuelled the Arab Spring uprising. You are watching the videos coming out of Syria on Facebook. But most likely you have not witnessed the power of liberal social media impacting politics in near real time right here in Pakistan, Let’s just scroll a week back looking at the heinous repercussions Maya Khan a morning show host had to face. The purpose of the media is an easy one to understand. The dissemination of factual information on issue relevant to the citizenry. This entails (or should entail) a research and effort to uncover the truth, as well as a responsibility to uphold principles of free speech, adequate voice (as absolute voice and impartiality is impossible) and a separation to some extent from the control of politics. Thus the media has always been imagined as a ‘watchdog’ in its role in politics. This is what it was traditionally meant to be, thus its freedom was protected (like during the American Revolution when printing presses came in vogue) and thus its is critiqued today based on how free it is and how free it lets itself be (like Chomskys critique of the role of the media during the War on Terror). But who watches the watchdog?

A woefully uninformed and/or a perniciously misinformed populace will agree with the liberals in Pakistan, in the distorted name of ‘patriotism,’ and repeatedly commit the most horrendous atrocities. Such people do not recognize the precariousness of their own existence, the fleeting nature of their own humanity, or the preciousness of Mother Earth and the rest of the global human family. Such people provide fertile soil for fascism to take root and grow. This is the stark reality of a liberal who has been psychologically, institutionally, and systemically trained to be ahistorical and to cling to systemic mythology rather than reality, no matter how obvious such reality might be.

As I put it in my conclusion: “If reporters are hunting for headlines against the government with utter disregard to whether their stories are factual or in any way useful to the country, they are failing in an important responsibility as journalists. This brings us to the second issue. Where have all the honest journalists gone? A narrow focus on specific types of stories is one thing but blatant lies and corruption is another. This story is just one example of the decay of the media profession itself. Najir Nazi in 2009 caught himself in a plot scandal (had it been today it would be sensationalized ridiculously as “plotgate”). A reporter called him and asked about illegal allotment of plots by the federal government and got a dose of expletives, and the established journalist unabashedly told the reporter to even record his words that would put PTA to shame. Our watchdogs are certainly not above the dirty game the rest of the country is playing, heavily ties into local politics. I remember the days when Imran khan was renamed as Taliban Khan by almost all the influential Anchor Persons in Media at the behest of their political affiliations whilst he in his defence kept his humbleness by replying that, WAR IS NO SOLUTION! As He is famously regarded for his flamboyant conversion over changing the American slogan on War on terror, DO MORE to NO MORE. What amazes me to no extent is the writhing of opinions our Anchor persons keep opting, a month back they’ll be vehemently condemning talibans and their Guns whilst a month later they will start showering roses at their Funerals, As seen in our recent talk shows Lekin with ‘Sana Bucha’. For what it appears it seems that the reality incognizant liberal Mafia have now successfully hypnotized our Anchor persons via social media to talk on issues what they think is coherent, something as I regard, Death of a Nation.

Media to an extent is always funded and influenced by politics. However, in well function democracies, the media thought not unbiased, takes a position and provides information on policy, business, economy and development rather than only infotainment and vapid critiques of individual politicians that has no bearing on the conditions of the masses.


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