If you have any doubt about the stagnant whistle blowers timings, decadent intellectual honesty of our politicians, Make no mistake. Zulfiqar Mirza’s nuclear-tipped guided missile had infrared homing in which heat generated by Altaf Hussain is detected and homed on. The homing device shall keep the missile pointed directly at the target and his political party. There have so far been several occasions in which Pakistani middle class has broken away from its traditionally conservative disposition to come out and announce ‘revolutionary’ political aspirations & yesterday could never have been any perfect podium for that matter when Zulfiqar Mirza in a radiant press conference, placed Holy Quran above his head testifying Altaf Hussain’s espionage for treason, drilling the last nail in the coffin for MQM. One of those coalescing days when one’s appetite for information is truly insatiable, reverberating media men rejuvenating their wisdom some in a sagaciously political manner while the others set their talk shows ablaze but all waste no time daunting their irksome speculations on knuckling down the protagonist of state traitor – Altaf Hussain.

Karachi is not very relevant to PPP’s future political stakes, Sindh is. Mirza’s guided missile will bring back Sindhi fence-sitters back into PPP’s fold and at the same time confuse some fence-sitters within MQM. Launching a nuclear-tipped guided missile requires a lot of planning, coordination and skilful execution-actions ‘designed to resolve the situation in the state’s favour’. Nineteen years ago it was Jinnahpur, Operation Blue Fox, PM Nawaz Sharif, V Corps Lieutenant-General Naseer Akhtar, Army Rangers and V Corps’ 25th Mechanized Division headquartered in Malir. Other than names of individuals nothing much has changed. Operation Blue Fox II sends out a message loud and clear: No one will be allowed to hold Pakistan hostage for their own narrow political interests.

Admittedly, the story’s magnitude was so huge that even its architects were themselves in its awe. While some may disagree with me when I consider it as masses’ triumph, I also believe it has been one of the most enthralling moves adroitly executed by President Zardari or as I call it the ultimate political – CHECKMATE!


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