FATWA-ING the Liberals

For more than six decades, Pakistan has been at war with itself, writhing between ideas of what it means to be a Pakistani. Pakistan’s abysmal political trundle through history is tangibly evident as for any regime. Political/Economic turbulence, Escalating terrorism, embezzling accountability, quiescent judiciary, perfidious inept leaders with apocryphal slogans & harangue’s for Roti, Kapra, Makan have all combined to form a picture, like the illusory semblance of a phantasmagoria, almost leaving me in doubt whether that on which I ostensibly compromised was either a reality? or the mere prevarication of a chimeric illusion. The wizardry eulogy our politicians fawn through their aberrant hieroglyphic charisma with solution oriented rhetoric are commendable, If Implemented, But post winning elections, within no time, these politicians jerk their congested features into a ghastly semblance of an evil smile forgetting their promises, henceforth the results never even hypothetically delivered. In Pakistan, the political circumference orbits around only two corrupt parties PML-N and PPPP yet we Pakistanis somehow or the other, call it our delusion or gross negligence get the same incorrigible forces again & again, thinking All might be well this time but then, comes the presumable wrath, when politicians apocalypse their intentions they adroitly masquerade for the sake of win, ignite their greed, to play their unilateral part in the marathon of Loot Gluttony giving us an Awami Spanking. What flabbergasts me to no extent is the incomprehensibility we either deliberately fail to recognize or don’t wish to identify between the most incompetent leaders vs the only Sane choice and leader i.e. IMRAN KHAN . Unlike the rest, Pakistan has become a play ground for the elite where politicians post elections metamorphose oblivious to their slogans dumping the tormented AWAM to rot under the topsy-turviness of power shortage, inflation, unemployment with a desperate plead for Roti,Kapra,Makaan. Economic Necessity is largely becoming an everyday Raison d’etre  for a lower middle class Pakistani yet the superior engages itself in multiplying its wealth leaving the Awam become victims of either suicide bomb or target killing or if not these then Natural Catastrophes. This has indeed turned prolific for the neglected nation in a way, as we today stand among those nations in the world, where people readily agree upon selling their body organs at a price equivalent to that of an iphone4, just to fulfill their economic necessity.

Adding salt to injury I now herald another clandestinely operating nemesis, a new spectrum of extremism in Pakistan, the manifestation of liberal predicament or Fascists paradigm or to put in more elaborate term renaissance of an occulted species dangerously delusional in a country where the revolution hungry youth is in a sempiternal struggle for its supremacy against its odious corrupt leaders. This infectious flock of fascists mainly grapevine on twitter indefatigably working on sabotaging the melancholically depressed twitter users in legitimising liberal exclusivism aimed at emboldening them to have their heads in respect humbly bowed down before India & USA and dissent through the imposition of a prescribed allegiance – its audacity, the foreknowledge it implies, the precision with which it is executed — carries a subliminal message: Pakistan is no longer a contested territory; it is now emphatically India & America’s turf & you dare not speak or protest against the following deleterious blessings:  CIA/Blackwater espionage, Construction of  water reservoirs in rivers like the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum passing through Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir thereupon allowing them to entirely control the water flow and in control of wreaking havoc upon Pakistan, especially during monsoon season which will end up jeopardizing our agriculture, strangulating our exports, leading to an increase dependency on food imports but – you still GOT to wave Aman ki asha flag, drone attacks killing potential 3 year old Taliban – NATO knows best, abduction of innocent citizens like Dr. Afia Siddiqui etc. Liberals tend to orchestrate such exacerbating infringements in a sovereign country like Pakistan as an endorsement to progressive liaison, arbitrating exasperation as vile, when in reality they only strengthen their nexus. This moral turpitude consequently allows them to consider the practice of noxious US/Indo dogmas as plausible and any condemnation incoherent.

A woefully uninformed and/or a perniciously misinformed populace will agree with the liberals in Pakistan, in the distorted name of ‘patriotism,’ and repeatedly commit the most horrendous atrocities. Such people do not recognize the precariousness of their own existence, the fleeting nature of their own humanity, or the preciousness of Mother Earth and the rest of the global human family. Such people provide fertile soil for fascism to take root and grow. This is the stark reality of a liberal who has been psychologically, institutionally, and systemically trained to be ahistorical and to cling to systemic mythology rather than reality, no matter how obvious such reality might be.

This is exactly the mechanism they vehemently practice on our cognitively dissonant youth through means of articles, social media etc. A panel of senior renowned journalists in Pakistani media piss me off to no extent, when they diligently flaunt their pseudo-intellectual claptrap in talk shows justifying abduction and detention of innocent Dr. Afia siddiqui, mocking two-nation theory. As Arthur Moeller Van den Brucks famously quotes, liberalism is the death of Nations. Ostensibly we have been victims of this incoherent extremism too. My reason to ostracize myself from the sadomasochism liberals enjoy is their penchant advocacy towards american atrocities against the Muslim world. The world for liberals is a place where one man shares with another, Instinctively they conceive existence as a struggle in which all those who belong in any way to any group must defend themselves against those who threaten them incarnating  a new genre of sect, as recently witnessed post the heated debate between Marvi Sirmed and Zaid Hamid the repercussions ended up on death threats that too though social media i.e. twitter. Nations who had ceased to feel themselves a people, who had lost the state-instinct, gave liberalism its opportunity. The masses allowed an upper crust to form on the surface of the nation, not the old natural aristocracy whose example had created the state; but a secondary stratum, a dangerous, irresponsible, ruthless, intermediate stratum which had thrust itself between.

If ever there were a time for political dissent in this nation – it is now! The words of Howard Zinn ring clear, strong, and true today: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” It is in the name of not only this nation, but of all of humanity that people of conscience must dissent!


3 thoughts on “FATWA-ING the Liberals

  1. Well thought and beautifully executed.a true patriot someone who wants to improve da nation unlike da band of ppl who either jus crib or r blind towards da mishappnin. Well done!!!

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